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Services Provided

Individual Offerings

One on One Life Coaching with Rachel


Schedule a one on one session with Rachel to address any life problem in your life. She can provide a process and tools to keep you focused on living a fuller life.

Monthly Offerings

Labyrinth Walks


Join us on the 1st of each month for our FREE labyrinth mediation walk on the beautiful sandy beaches of Galveston, Texas. Whether you need physical healing or emotional healing, we will focus on our intentions for the upcoming month thru different types on meditations as we walk the labyrinth and hold space for one another. 

Full Moon Rituals


Join us at one of our full moon rituals where a sacred place is made on one of Galveston's beaches. Under the stars and through rituals, we focus on the full moon and what it brings to the season to soak in the moon light to help amplify our desires and create positive energy flow.  

Women's Circle


Women’s circles allow for sharing, support, and feelings of safety within a non-judgmental environment. It can be very healing to experience validation and to feel honored by other women, especially in a world where women are often taught to compete with each other, compare bodies and statuses, be jealous, gossip, judge, etc.

Monthly Meditations

Meditations with Rachel

Beach Yoga

Need more balance in your life? Practicing meditation can be a beneficial practice for the mind, body, and spirit. Once a month, Rachel Stokes offers a session of guided meditation in Galveston, Texas for anyone seeking a way to recharge and release energy together. Meditation practices rotate month-to-month - find one that speaks to you today! 

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