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Living Life the Happy Way is Connecting Through Community

Community is an essential source of social connection and creates a sense of belonging. Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is lead to a fulfilling life. Giving back to our community is what connects us and ensures we are all vested in creating a world we want to live in. 


Living Life the Happy Way is proud to support the community following organizations:

ADA House

In Home Rehibilitation Center

The ADA House, or Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center for Women, is a licensed substance abuse treatment center. LLTHW chooses to support this organization because they work with women to help them realize their worth and value. We understand that most of the time, the story we tell ourselves, is not always true.

Join LLTHW's continued support of the ADA House by pressing the button to donate to the cause below.

Support group
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