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First hand Testimonials for Rachel Stokes and 

Living Life the Happy Way

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Teresa Wilson Pierce

Rachel Stokes is a truly amazing mentor. She is so knowledgeable, giving and wise beyond words. If you choose to mentor with Rachel in any forum or capacity you won't be disappointed. She has truly been a joy and an inspiration in my life and I know I am a better person having worked with her.


Carrie Egizio Koscielski

I have worked with Rachel a few times. I love her positivity and enthusiasm! That last time we worked together she helped me through some life situations I was really struggling with! I owe her a lot of gratitude for her patience and insightful advice for helping me through it.


Brenda Balderas

I have had the opportunity to work with Rachel on several different levels, her workshops and meditations are very powerful. She has a beautiful energy and a love for helping other people. I highly recommend Living Life The Happy Way with Rachel.

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