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One on One Life Coaching

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Rachel Stokes Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach

As a life coach living and working in the Galveston, Texas area, it is my goal to provide my Galveston County residents and beyond with the skills needed to live a full and productive life. Together we will work to identify your goals, outline your needs and desires to help you learn to Live Life the Happy Way.

More than giving advice, mentoring, or counseling; my objective is to help you achieve success as you transition into the best version of yourself. Through extensive training, analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges you face, together we create a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

As your life coach I will:


  • Clarify your situation and develop a personalized plan of change

  • Examine ways to find balance and fulfillment instead of “have to's”
    and “should do's”

  • Provide a process and tools to keep you focused on living a fuller life

  • Relate to your life transitions on a personal and professional level

  • Work collaboratively with you to keep you inspired, focused and moving forward

  • Bring a positive attitude and an innovative approach as a life coach to help you handle transitions in finding purpose and your
    True Authentic Self...


Living Life the Happy Way.

Coaching can be done on phone or in person.

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