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Time to Get Centered? Learn Guided Meditation in Galveston

Release your stress and anxiety with a helping hand.

woman meditating
Relaxing meditation

You’ve likely heard about guided meditation as a form of stress reduction and relaxation… but you might not know where to begin. This ancient spiritual practice doesn’t need to be as formal or complex as you may think – anyone can learn to slow down and be present in the moment and experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits guided meditation can offer.

The activity of meditating has a number of proven benefits, including better sleep, healthier response to stress, greater creativity, and reduction of negative emotions. It can even help you manage symptoms of illnesses ranging from headaches to cancer, as a supplement to other treatments (always consult your doctor before adding meditation to an existing care plan).

There are many types of meditation; all involve mindfulness, which is a mental state of being aware and present in the moment. Some forms of meditation, like yoga, tai chi, or labyrinth walks, involve physical movement combined with breathing and concentration. Others may include music, visualizations, repetition of words, and more.

But, what about guided meditation? What makes it different – and could it be the first step toward improving your well-being?

Rather than being a solitary experience, guided meditation is led by another party – ideally, an experienced professional – to help you achieve a state of relaxed concentration through imagery, breathing techniques, and a focus on awareness and gratitude. Since it may be difficult to slow your thoughts on your own, guided meditation with a pro can be an important part of your stress-relief “tool kit.”

Living Life the Happy Way’s Rachel Stokes, CPC, is one such professional and conducts monthly guided meditation in Galveston, Texas. She specializes in lifting the mystery surrounding meditation and making it a creative, refreshing, and even social experience.

Even better, you can realize the benefits regardless of your schedule. “Guided meditation can be as short as a few minutes or as long as several hours,” Rachel says. “The purpose is to achieve mental, emotional, and physical healing and stress relief.”

Galveston County meditation-seekers can look forward to a rotating lineup of sessions with different themes and practices, each designed to foster relaxation while improving stress-reduction skills and self-awareness. Each monthly session is different from the next, adding variety to your learning experience.

When you join Rachel for your first session, remember: don’t judge yourself if you’re not an immediate expert! Meditation is a practice that takes practice, and not a win/lose situation. While becoming more centered is a long-term goal, the real reward is being present in the moment.

Are you ready to bring the benefits of meditation into your life with the help of a caring, creative, and experienced guide? Follow Living Life the Happy Way on Facebook to find out more about each month’s Galveston meditation session. Have questions? Learn more about Rachel Stokes, CPC, and get in touch.

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