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Olaf Was Right! Water Does Have Memory!

In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, he exposed water molecules to a variety of words, thoughts, and emotions, and then he observed the changes that occurred within the water molecule’s structure. He found that when positive emotions, thoughts, and intentions were spoken, the water’s structure formed elaborate, balanced, beautiful crystals that were pure and expanded when compared to water molecules that were exposed to the adverse opposite. Dr. Emoto hypothesized that water has the capability to retain the energy footprints of the original sentiments and that directly impacts a person’s physical and mental health.

Presently in the field of quantum physics and mechanics, other scientists are inquiring if water is sentient, which translates to water being able to perceive and feel. It is apparent in Dr. Emoto’s research that water does respond to external stimulation as proved by the pictures captured during his research. Moreover, he believed that all matter produces a temperament or aura, and that has a direct impact on the entities surrounding it, and this was true for water too. For example, when an individual hears a song that impacts them or they become excited because someone complimented them, then they are responding to that positive stimulation; however, when they hear a loud noise or someone insults them, they respond to that negative stimulation. In Dr. Emoto’s experiments, water had an emotional response to distinct types of stimulation. Specifically, when water was exposed to a word like love or Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, it displayed snowflake-like, beautiful pattern, but when a negative word or phrase was used or hard rock music was played, the water molecule appeared deformed.

According to Medical News Today’s author Clair Sissons, the human body is composed of a mean of 60% percent water; the percentages can fluctuate between 45 to 75% because of age, whether it is a male or female, and the individual’s hydration levels. In the article, Sissons addresses the body parts that contain the lowest and highest water percentages. They are as follows:

Note: Table was found and reproduced from Medical News Today.

If a person applies Dr. Emoto’s findings, then not only does the positive water impact our body at the skeletal, musculoskeletal, integumentary, circulatory, and endocrine level, but according to the table above, our nervous system (brain) that is comprised of a substantial percentage of water is impacted the most. If the positive water has an impact on our body’s communication and command system, then the question becomes what impact it has when the water molecules reach the cellular level. It is important that our bodies receive positive commands at the cellular level.

Below are five activities using water that a person can execute to increase the amount of positive energy within their body.

  1. Drink imprinted water. There are products available that imprint your water. For example, the AMI 750 Acoustic Meridian emits sound frequencies that can be layered into glass water containers. The sound frequency stamps the healing message into the water, which then can be used to maximize healing potential. After the water has been imprinted, all that is required is for the person is to consume it.

  2. Consume Reiki-charged healing water. Dr. Emoto stated that words and intentions directly impact water’s molecular makeup, and Reiki is energy healing set with intention. Reiki-charged water is easy to make, and it only requires that the person use positive intentions. You simply pour water into a glass, and then lay your hands on the side of the water container. If you know the Reiki symbols, then you can trace them above the water at this time, reflect on the meaning of the symbols, and then let the energy flow until you feel that it is complete. While you wait, speak loving words, positive visions, thankfulness, and gratitude. When complete, thank the water and then either drink or store it.

  3. Write positive words on your water bottle. If you don’t have access to frequency-imprinted or Reiki-infused water, according to Dr. Emoto’s method, you can easily write a word on your water bottle. For example, if you are ill, you can write “I am healed on a piece of tape and place it on your water bottle. That establishes the intention for healing, dispels any negative thoughts, i.e., I am sick; I feel awful, and changes the frequency of the water within the bottle.

  4. Drink water and follow up with meditation. When you fill your vessel (the body) with water prior to meditation, it increases mindfulness and self-awareness. As you sit, take three deep breaths and exhale slowly after each one. Imagine the water you swallowed charged with peace and love as it flows through blockages within your body and releases healing and peace.

  5. Visit a holistic practitioner that measures bioresonance waves and obtain customized frequency drops. This is an incredible way to uncover how past choices and experiences have made an impact on your health. The practitioner imprints the drops with codes that contain positive information to neutralize negative information that often presents as illness, toxins, viruses, imbalances, and negative emotions that are stored within your body’s cells. The positive water creates a new vibration that aims to bring the body back into an enhanced energetic state.

This summer whether you use meditation, visualization, or one of the above techniques to change your water’s molecular structure, it will improve your mind and body connection and even potentially extend to the people and environment around you. If you find yourself in the midst of a heatwave, keep your thoughts and water positively charged. You may not discover frozen memory ice sculptures of your family members, but you can rely on the fact that water can transform with a single positive thought. Like Olaf said in Frozen, “Water has memory.”

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