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Why You Need A Female Support System

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

The Importance of Friendship for Women

Did you know that having strong female friendships may help you live longer? Take a second to

think about how many strong female connections you have in your life. Don’t have that many? It

may be time to go on a friend hunt!

In modern society, adult female friendship has lost its value when our bonds should be stronger

than ever! Gone are the days of heading down to the river with your gal pals to wash clothes

and discuss your day.

A great shift happened after the Women’s Rights Movement. This was, of course, a good thing!

Women were able to vote and had more independence than ever. The problem is that this

pinned many women against each other instead of sticking together.

Women became judgmental of others for their choices. Stay at home moms were mocked by

career-focused women and vice versa. It’s unfortunate, because imagine the type of

powerhouse every woman could be with a strong support system behind her!

Society has been trying to pigeonhole women into certain molds since the beginning of time.

The invention of social media made matters worse, and it’s so easy to spend hours comparing

yourself to other women and bring yourself down.

In this competitive world, we need to keep lifting each other up. You should want to watch your

sisters succeed! The good news is that within the last few years, it seems like sistership and

strong friend groups for women are making a comeback. Let’s look at the benefits of female

friendship and how to make more friends as an adult.

The Benefits of Having a Female Support System

Not only is having a support system a good feeling, there’s scientific research to back up why

it’s so valuable. Now more than ever it’s crucial for women to stick together. There are several

benefits of sistership and other female friendship circles.

Lower Stress Levels

There’s no doubt that life can be chaotic and stressful. Think about a time when you’ve been

totally overwhelmed and wished someone was there to help you. Most of us go right to our

girlfriends in times of stress for relief. Social support is scientifically proven to lower stress levels

and increase resilience.

You’ll Build Strong Emotional Connections

Humans are social creatures, but women especially need emotional connection. Think back to

how we mentioned that women used to gather together to wash clothes in the river and talk

about their day. This type of emotional connection and support is extremely important. It shows

you that you’re being understood and heard.

Gain a Different Perspective

Having a group of gal pals to bounce ideas off of will give you a fresh perspective. Sometimes

all it takes is a second set of eyes on something for you to see it in a beneficial way. Advice

from other women is coming from a place of understanding that you won’t get when you talk to


Tips for Building a Sistership as an Adult

If you don’t have a solid network of female friendship, don’t worry! It’s never too late to build life-

long connections with other women. Here are some tips to get started.

Seek Out Old Friends

Do you have girlfriends from your past that you’ve lost touch with? Reach out! As adults, we get

so busy that sometimes friendships can fall through the cracks. The good news is that social

media exists and we can use it to rebuild our sistership!

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

The idea of a big female friend circle is lovely, but not essential. When you’re working on your

friendships, be sure to focus on quality. Take a step back to analyze your relationships. One-

sided friendships shouldn’t be maintained and you should know your worth!

Know that Rejection is Possible

It’s important to understand that creating and maintaining female friendships isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, you may be rejected or it won’t work out. Think of it like dating, there will be some

trial and error!

Attend a Women’s Retreat

Try heading out to a women’s retreat for a weekend of relaxation and potential new friends! Our

3-day Reset & Renew Women's Retreat in Galveston allows women to have a safe space to be

themselves and find support. Come join us in sistership for the weekend!

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