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The Full Moon Ritual: Pressing Nature’s “Reset Button”

Reach for the power of the full moon to release the negative and welcome the positive.

Connecting with the cycles of the moon is a tradition nearly as old as humanity itself. Influencing early calendars and ancient spiritual practices, and even controlling the tides, the moon and its energetic pulls play a major part in our earthly lives. Harnessing the power of that moon energy through a full moon ritual can bring about a sense of grounding, strength, and the release of old patterns or other negative influences.

Certified Life Coach Rachel Stokes, CPC of Living Life the Happy Way offers a Galveston full moon ritual each lunar month to help guide you through this process of renewal, allowing you to make the most of your spiritual experience. Each ritual is tailored to the season, putting you in closer touch with nature.

"The moon has such a powerful energy," explains Rachel. "At most of my full moon rituals, we use this time to release the things that do not serve us. We add in crystals to help with the process.” Rachel adds that even if you do not believe in the power the crystals themselves can provide, they can be used as symbols for those energies you would like to harness during the ritual.

In addition to performing your full moon ritual, you can make a full day of your spiritual reset; the full moon is a great time for activities that help you cleanse your mind and spirit of negative influences. For example, you can use a pen and paper to write down the things that are weighing you down and holding you back, and ask the full moon for assistance with moving forward in a beneficial way. After you have finished, rip apart the list, and (safely!) burn the pieces outdoors. Cleaning and rearranging your home, getting rid of clutter, opening windows, and smudging your space with sage removes stale, negative energy and welcomes in new energy.

The full moon isn’t only a time of removing the negative, though. It’s also a perfect time to plant the seeds of renewal – literally! Planting root vegetables and fruiting plants during a full moon helps them harness the earth’s peak energy to thrive, and allows you to reap the meditative benefits that gardening brings.

A Galveston seawall full moon ritual brings together the power of both the moon and tides to infuse you with strong therapeutic forces from nature. During the ritual, you will create a sacred space on the Galveston beach, and join others in supporting, honoring, and sharing with each other. This guided group activity amplifies the healing energy of the full moon, and offers the added bonus of kinship!

Book your Galveston full moon ritual and experience the transformative power of the moon, in a safe space filled with natural beauty and positive energy. Have questions? Please contact Rachel Stokes at 713-515-7484, or email

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