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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

“Clearing away the clutter” is as important for your inner world as your outer one.

The time-honored tradition of spring cleaning is a ritual you may practice each year. Who doesn't love the results that come from shaking off winter, throwing open the windows, and getting rid of dust and disarray? While that’s a wonderful way to welcome the warmth and renewal of spring, there's no need to limit it to your external environment. Cleansing your mind and spirit this season will also bring you a feeling of lightness and ease – one that stays with you wherever you go.

Here are some tips for scrubbing the cobwebs from your soul and letting in some fresh, clean air:

Write it all out. If you're making a list of projects you plan to tackle around your home, take some extra time and make a separate list of negative influences and habits you'd like to remove from your life, and positive changes you'd like to make. Putting those things down on paper (or in digital form, if you prefer) is an act that sets intention. Whether you want to learn to set boundaries, change habits related to your physical health, or pursue a long-ignored dream, listing the things you want to release helps you identify steps you can take, giving you an action plan for a positive path forward.

Find meditation opportunities in mundane tasks. Chores – especially the major, once-a-year projects – can become repetitive, and even a source of dread. Rather than limiting your concentration to the task at hand, put on some music you love, and use the opportunity to meditate on your list of goals. As you clean and organize, imagine yourself symbolically cleaning and organizing the most important parts of your mental and emotional world.

Limit digital distractions. Have you ever felt dragged down by social media, television, or any other unnecessary digital influence that demands too much of your time and energy? It's nearly impossible to avoid these things altogether, but setting limits can help you realize how much more free time (and free space in your mind) you actually have available. It's great to stay informed, but it's also okay to take a break from the anxiety that news and world events can cause. And if you are worried that not being constantly available on social media will be unacceptable to your friends and family, that's the number one sign that you need to disconnect more often! Let loved ones know to contact you in the “real world,” via phone or text, if it’s truly important. Then, turn off those Facebook notifications, and come back to them when you're feeling better able to reconnect.

Empty your mind through journaling. If you feel like your mind is on spin cycle, pick up a pen and paper, and move those thoughts and concerns out of your brain and onto the page or your journal. Unlike your list, this doesn't have to require much thought; simply write what you're feeling. That way, you don't have to fixate on it anymore, and you can come back to it if you wish. By doing this regularly, you may discover patterns in your thoughts and emotions that you can address, whether negative or positive (maybe you're on the verge of the next big idea, and you're too overwhelmed to realize it yet!).

Connect with nature by walking a beach labyrinth. Since meditation doesn't require sitting still – and, in fact, doing tasks or taking a walk can often enhance it – try taking your Galveston meditation experience to the next level with a beach labyrinth experience. Certified Life Coach Rachel Stokes, CPC of Living Life the Happy Way offers you the chance to co-create and enjoy a safe and sacred space on the Galveston beach, in the company of others like you.

Give yourself the gift of a Galveston retreat. It doesn't hurt to have a little outside help to spring-clean your soul. Why not take some time to relax, unwind, and learn some self-care skills in the process? Rachel's Galveston retreats are the perfect combination of relaxation and education, where you can find out how to break old habits and build new, positive ones, with enough time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Gulf and all that the historic city has to offer.

To learn more and take the next step toward clearing the clutter within, email Rachel at or call 713-515-7484.

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