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Retreat into Yourself, Reset and Renew Your Mind, Body and Soul – 3 Day Galveston Beach Retreat

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Escape the stress and pressure brought on by long work hours and a disconnect from society. Indulge in self-care on Galveston’s fine sandy beaches and retreat to the tranquility of the Historic Texas Gulf Coast. Breathe in the ease that is Galveston County’s newest 3-day Renew and Reset Retreat.


Reset your priorities with our love and guidance. Our highly- trained professional staff has perfected the art of taking care of you. We provide Galveston County’s finest beach retreat experience for women. Check in to a weekend getaway, a girl’s trip, or a solo experience. Regardless of who you come with, you will leave knowing more about yourself and what helps you to Live Life the Happy Way.

We have partnered with the historic Lasker Inn bed and breakfast for luxurious Historic Galveston accommodations. This beautiful mansion offers sitting rooms, large lounge decks, and everything in between to allow for total relaxation.


Renew your sacred bond with yourself through thoughtful practices that build your foundation. Not all beach retreats are equal and therefore should not be treated as such. Be sure your retreat offers more than a cozy place to isolate. To renew your spirit and reset your soul, your beach retreat should work to strengthen your character and sense of self. A certified counselor or life coach should be available to walk you through your journey, ensuring that you have the space needed.

Do it For You

All too often women carry the emotional burden of the family and do most of the emotional labor. Stop carrying the weight on a broken back. Eliminate the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. Build yourself back up with your sisters here to support you.

The Covid pandemic and economic downturn amongst other things have given many of us a heavy heart. Taking a step back to reset your internal systems and overall priorities is so important. Studies show that moving water triggers a response in our brains that induces relaxation. By re-centering your mind, body, and soul near the restorative waters of Galveston beach, you are giving back to yourself in a way that only you can. By taking time to immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the ocean waves with trusted and valued friends, you are resetting your internal systems to receive the nourishment we all so desperately seek.

To learn more about our next 3-Day Reset and Renew Galveston Beach Retreats, March1-3,2024. Check out our RETREATS page for more details.

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