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Do You Practice Self-Love?

Why practicing self-love is vital – and how to do it

As women, practicing self-love can be hard.

In the years of raising children, my days were so full that taking a shower felt like an act of self-love! Days were filled with caring for the needs of others and my needs often ended up at the bottom of the list.

And yet, as children grow or life changes, we can still find ourselves giving beyond our resources and forgetting to prioritize our own wants and needs.

This might work for a while, but we can quickly find ourselves burning out. Our resources, both physical and mental, are not infinite.

If we don’t take time to intentionally fill up our own cup, then we cannot care for others. But beyond our ability to care, we all simply deserve to experience love and especially from ourselves.

Do you need more self-love in your life?

A good test to see if you might be lacking in self-love is to think about if you would treat someone you love, the way you treat yourself.

Would you deny your child a drink when they were thirsty? Would you not allow your partner to make time in life for the things they love? Of course not, so why do we deny ourselves in the same way?

If you feel like you could do with some more self-love in your life, here are some ways to get started today that go beyond a five minute bubble bath!

Set up a morning routine

For busy women, once the day has begun we often have so much on our plates. Whether it is work demands, managing the home or caring for others, once we step beyond our bedroom door, life starts happening!

This is why it can be so powerful to create a morning routine. A space just for you before the busyness of the day starts, even if it means waking a little earlier than usual.

In your morning routine, try to incorporate something you love like curling up with a cup of tea or coffee under a favorite blanket. And then perhaps add some self-love for the mind with a short meditation practice.

You might also spend some time journaling. The morning is a great time for a gratitude practice, setting you up for a positive and productive day.

Date yourself

If you love someone, you make time for them. Think about when you first started dating someone special. A big part of this is making time for each other and choosing activities that you know the other person will love. Why not treat ourselves with the same love and care?

Is there a show you really want to see at the theatre? Or perhaps a new restaurant you’ve been desperate to try? Make a date with yourself and do it. Recently I took myself for brunch with a good book and it was a beautifully refreshing time.

Love your mind

It’s also vitally important to tend to our minds as an act of self-love. When was the last time that you gifted yourself a true break from your roles and responsibilities?

Simply stopping, having a change of scenery and some positive input can radically shift our perspective. It’s an act of love towards ourselves that we should all do regularly to keep our minds healthy and to deeply understand ourselves and where we are heading in our life.

If you feel like you need to make some time for mental self-love then check out my upcoming women’s retreat in March.

Perhaps it is time to give yourself the love you deserve and book some time away, just for you.

We women are often so busy pouring our love onto others. We often find ourselves juggling a lot of responsibilities and our needs can slip down the priority list.

Perhaps this season is a time to consider how you are loving yourself, and what practices you can introduce to love yourself better.

I hope some of these ideas help you to give yourself all the love that you deserve.

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