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Galveston Mother Daughter Retreat

October 13 - 15, 2023


Deepen connection and celebrate one another at our 3 day Mother Daughter Retreat in a safe, judgment-free space. Together we will cultivate compassion, understanding, and togetherness through various activities, exercises, meditation, and journaling practices, along with our proprietary healing techniques.

An important part of self-care for women is exploring that mother-daughter bond. Mother-daughter relationships are complex and are one of the most important connections in a woman’s life. It shapes our sense of self-identity and sets the bar for our future relationships with self, family, friends, partners, and our children.


Disconnect from the outside world and take this time just for you and your loved ones. Bask in the luxury of Historic Galveston comfort and southern hospitality. Soak up the sun and positive healing vibrations that come from the beautiful Texas Gulf Coast and fine sand beaches. Shop and dine in Downtown Galveston while enjoying the slow pace of our unique city. Connect on a deeper level with family and create a bond that will hold and support you through the retreat and beyond.

We invite you to come early and leave your bags in our lobby as you explore all that Galveston has to offer. Soak in the local flavor and salty vibes. The island is beautiful and bountiful, there is much to see and discover but there is also work to be done. We have created special blocks of free time to allow for journaling and reflection, giving you the time and space we all need to heal.

Enjoy your stay in the lovely Historic Lasker Inn. This historic Galveston home was built in 1870 and survived the Great Storm of 1900.  Breathtaking views of the constellations and beautiful sunsets can be absorbed on the Lasker's rooftop observation deck. The inn offers multiple unique suites. Your room rate will be dependent on if the room is shared or not.

Our top chefs have prepared a menu sure to tantalize your tastebuds and nourish your soul. Enjoy lavish meals prepared with love and served with kindness.

Leave this 3-day Mother Daughter Retreat with an open heart space and a heightened ability to hear your loved one's truth. Come home with new tools to connect deeper in daily life and a plan for maintaining balance.

Your key to deeper connection and understanding waits ahead.

A portion of all proceeds from this retreat will go to help fund the ADA House.

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